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France National Finalists

Startup of the Year



Handiroad tackles a universal problem that affects 25 million handicapped (fully or partially) as well as their helpers. How can we help them get around safely in a city everyday ?



Electra reinvents EV Charging with a combination of top knot user experience and ultra rapid chargers. EV adoption has been slow due to charging anxiety : there are too few chargers, they are too slow and often do not work. We want to completely rewrite this with a great network.

Best Newcomer



We have made it ridiculously easy for businesses of any size to offer the best benefits: all-in-one, plug & play, yet 100% customizable program.


The app that connect you to your car.

I Clean My Sea

Services to fight back marine plastic pollution.

Ecosystem Hero of the Year

Kat Borlongan


Kat Borlongan is a former French government official and entrepreneur. She served under the Macron administration for over 3 years as Director of La French, a government-led mission built to bolster Frances startup ecosystem. In a previous life, she was the co-founder of Five by Five (acquired by Capgemini), Director of the Open Data Institute Paris, Techstars Entrepreneur-in-residence and Managing director of Reporters Without Borders Canada.

Founder of the Year

Thomas Clozel MD


Thomas is the CEO and co-founder at Owkin, leading medical research and business intelligence. He is a former Assistant Professor of Clinical Onco-Hematology at Hopital Henri Mondor in Paris and former member of Ari Melnicks lab at the Weill Cornell Medical College.

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