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Italy National Finalists

Startup of the Year

Agricolus S.r.l


Agricolus is an innovative startup working in Smart Farming sector, which provides its customers with a cloud applications ecosystem for precision farming with multiple purposes bringing valuable information to final users.



ISAAC is an Italian start-up based in Milan, specialized in smart seismic protection technologies and structural monitoring. ISAAC has patented IPro 1: the first self-adaptive and one-size-fits-all anti-seismic solution applying to existing buildings.



Artiness is making mixed reality a life-saving technology for everyday surgery, through a 3D holographic platform for patient-specific care.

Best Coworking Space



Condividere Spazi e Conoscenze.

inCOWORK is a stimulating place where ideas are created, projects are built and relationships evolve. From private offices to co-working spaces and meeting rooms: everything you need to meet the needs of any business. The goal is to create a workspace based on collaboration between neighborhood professionals and on sharing environments, services, experiences and above all values.


Co-working Space, Green & Wood Space, Start-Up & Accelerator, Art & Design & Location for Events.

Best Newcomer

GMG srl


Power, performance and long ranges enclosed in an exclusive and elegant design, completely made in Italy. Stop limiting your desire to explore!

Mapo Tapo


Are you a pro climber? Or someone approaching outdoor rock climbing for the first time? Either way there’s a Mapo Tapo! Climbing is not just a sport, it is a beautiful excuse to travel to amazing places, meet incredible people, and leave a positive impact on the local community.

Best Accelerator/Incubator Program



SocialFare is the first Italian center dedicated to Social Innovation. It supports the development of innovative solutions that tackle contemporary societal challenges while generating a new economy through capacity building collaborations and co-design.


Open Accelerator, powered by Zcube, Zambon group’s Research Venture, is a fast track international acceleration program dedicated to digital health and life sciences with a focus on CNS and respiratory diseases.


012factory is an Innovation Hub in Campania. Our mission is business networking, with a focus on services to startups and to innovation-oriented traditional companies. Its international vision aims at enhancing the multidisciplinarity in partner companies expertise.

Ecosystem Hero of the Year

Emanuele Crescini


To seize market opportunities and carry out your future projects it is advisable to contact a professional who knows how to understand the movements of the financial markets in the short and long term. I offer you a complete investment advisory, control and monitoring service. The best skills in mentoring and scouting for innovative and non-innovative start-ups. But passing an exam brilliantly is not enough. The world is constantly changing, fast, inexorable. This is why I dedicate a lot of my time to training and professional updating on innovative and strategic financial instruments.

Carlo Rivis


ENTREPRENEUR IN TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION | 15+ Years of Driving Innovation & Optimizing Global Business & Technical Strategy I am an accomplished Innovator, Business Development, and Project Management professional with more than 15 years of leading complex technology projects and teams and companies internationally. My background includes successful experience driving the adoption of new technology innovations, processes, and best practices that reduce costs and improve efficiencies. I am particularly strong in providing scalable technology solutions that align technology investments with business goals.

Alfonso Catone

Born in 1995, my family has humble origins: e.g., I’ve been the first one to get a University degree. My journey as entrepreneur started at 21 when I fell in love with the concept of Junior Enterprises: NGOs whose mission is to foster youth entrepreneurship through projects done for companies. In 2016 I cofounded a Junior Enterprise in Florence and in 2017 I was elected as VP of Junior Enterprise Europe, representing 33.000 students. After 2 years abroad, in Italy I started my career as an intrapreneur: before in tech-consulting working on R&D projects and since 2020 in payments. In my career I’ve had two fils rouge: learning & sharing. In fact, while I became an MBA graduate in April 2021, I’ve also started my experience as Startup Mentor.

Founder of the Year

Alessandro Sanino


Alessandro is a Blockchain Researcher and Cloud Architect with years of experience in R&D and efficient development strategies. He started of his career in Arduino and went to a research role in University of Turin very quickly. Meanwhile, he created his first (now failed) startup, called lixcoin, a blockchain meant to tokenize assets for videogames. Right after that he contributes to countless open source projects, becoming a reference for golang trading community on Github. He started other companies, and one of them is participating in the competition. Tryvium, with Alessandro as CTO and the rest of the team, will be focusing on delivering the performance and efficiency the tourism industry has lacked for too many decades.

Federico Mattia Dolci | BOOM


Born in Italy in 1994, Federico is a philosopher and anthropologist who graduated from the University of Milan. His humanistic background supports his business approach, fueling his curiosity, his thirst for new challenges and opportunities, as well as his drive to set the bar ever higher. Federico has been featured in Forbes Italia’s list of most impressive entrepreneurs under 30. He has lectured in an array of different forums including the Web Summit Lisbon 2019.

Ilaria Di Lecce


My journey begins by chance through a Junior Enterprise where I’ve been also President leading a +30 people team. This got me a job offer as Account Manager where I worked directly with SMBs who struggled in finding local customers. Since the micro influencers trend was raising, I decided to quit the job, get the engineering degree and start helping SMBs to promote locally through micro-influencers. I’m now CEO and Co-Founder of Roundabout and listed in the Forbes Under 30 of 2019.

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